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For fans of Nancy Drew, Veronica Mars, and female teen sleuths!

FYI - ADVENTURES IN FUNERAL CRASHING (Funeral Crashing Mysteries #1) is currently FREE if you want to check out the start of the series!

Kait Lenox is officially Ethan Ripley's girlfriend and she might even be kinda sorta becoming non enemies with her ex-bff Ariel Walker. Everything is going great! That is until Kait stumbles across another suspicious death at her favorite coffee shop, Wired. Not able to help herself, Kait sets out to investigate!

Suddenly Kait's problems go from whether or not she should say the L-word to fears that the murder she's investigating might not be murder at all. Should Kait follow her gut or is she just chasing murders?

The Funeral Crashing Series:
#1 - Adventures in Funeral Crashing
#2 - Adventures of a Graveyard Girl
#3 - Adventures in Murder Chasing
#4 - Adventures in Homicide and Heartbreak

Funeral Crashing Standalones (Featuring other Funeral Crashing Characters):
Adventures in New Year's Kissing (Funeral Crashing #3.5 featuring Suzie Whitsett)

Ethan Tells All Stories (Told From Ethan Ripley's POV):
#1 - Adventures in Double Dating: Ethan Tells The Adventures in Funeral Crashing Double Date Scene

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This third book of the author Milda Harris in these adventure books is quite interesting and quite in the same breath as the others. You feel incline to read ahead and know what happens in all the books. So I feel it's like a mini thriller novel parade. I really enjoyed reading it and I am sure so will you if you're into teenage adventure books.

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