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PS, I Love You [Kindle Edition] by Cecelia Ahern 

 Review for  PS, I Love You [Kindle Edition] by Cecelia Ahern

The author, Cecelia Ahern has a way to pull all the thread of our emotion loom. She knows what will make us feel exactly the same way as the character Holy in the book. The girl's life revolves around her husband Gerry, who she met when she was very young. All she knew about life was to be with him and be happy with him. This book shows us how we should find ourselves and realize that you can be in love with someone but you can't make that someone your life, coz once they are gone you'll feel all lost. So while you read this book, you will not only find a way to find yourself but also realize that the people we love are always with us, even after death. A heart warming and touching tale. So get yourself cosy with a cup of tea or cocoa and read this one through, don't forget the box of tissues. 

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