Book Reviews @Athena was conceived while the two of us were running errands.Yes we literally came up with the name while driving the car back home. The whole idea was to bring together a bunch of people who enjoyed reading books and introducing them to the many free ebooks that they could be reading each day. As a result everyday we add one book review and one free ebook to the blog. So download Amazon Kindle reading app on your smartphone and get started with reading ebooks on the move.

Athena being the Greek Goddess of  Wisdom and Warfare was a natural choice for us! Book Lovers, BFFs, Army Daughters, Air Force Wives, Creative Souls...words that match both our personalities.Find out a little bit more about the two of us.

Vidula has been a content developer, customizing syllabus for Spoken English tutorials. A traveling person, she has a natural flair for languages, has been faculty for C++ and a SOP (Statement of Purpose) guide too. She has been an online content writer and also conducted phonics workshops for primary school teachers. She is a self proclaimed mimicry artist and a poet at heart.

Cashmere has worked as a Content Writer, a Travel Agent, HR Trainer for an Air Hostess Academy, a Search Engine Optimization professional, a Spoken English teacher, a freelance writer for print magazines, and an online Social Media marketer, while she honed her alternative therapy healing skills in Reiki, Angel Therapy, EFT, Crystal Therapy and Tarot Card reading. She has straddled the world of spirituality and the online marketplace with ease and now wants to share her deepest joy : Reading.

Others who joined the fold.

Ayesha is a freelance creative writer who aspires to become a fiction author sometime in the future. Freelanced as a content writer and social media marketer for a website solutions company. Her interests revolve around human behaviour,psychology and philosophy.