ebooks are the new source of entertainment and information. While most book lovers would agree that holding a physical book and turning the pages is an integral part of experiencing a book, they are a problem to store! I love my hardcopy books! I dooo! ~ but I love ebooks because they take up no space in my house!

I don't have to dust shelves full of ebooks as they gather none. The ebooks allow you to enjoy and store your favourite titles at the click of a button. There are many easy ways to download and read ebooks on your computer and even on the go on your smartphone or tablet.

On Amazon Kindle

Using Calibre

On Google Books

On Nook

Amazon Kindle : You do not need to buy a Kindle ebook reader to read Amazon Kindle editions of ebooks. Here is how you can access these ebooks on your desktop, laptop and even your smartphone.

Step 1: Create an Amazon.in account.

Step 2: Browse through the Kindle ebook store for the books you want to buy/download.

Step 3: Read the book that you have bought/downloaded on the computer using the Kindle Book Reader or download the Free Kindle Reading App for Windows or Android or iPhone.

Step 4: Enjoy reading the ebook

Calibre : This is an independent freeware which anyone can download to their computer and use to read ebooks. I prefer to use this software as it can easily read books in .mobi, ePub, PDF and MS Word formats.

Step 1: Go to the Calibre wesbite. You have the option to download the software for Windows OS and Linux as well.

Step 2: Once you download the installer file simply let the wizard guide the installation.

Step 3: After you have installed the Calibre book management system add your ebook files after downloading to the computer.

Step 4: Open the book you want to read and there is it!

Google Books : As with all of Google, you can use your gmail log in id to access this feature as well.  Just upload the ebook file that you want to read and its available for reading on any android device that you can think of logging in to. Smartphone, tablet, computer itself!

Nook : This is the ebook reader from Barnes and Noble. Just like the Kindle from Amazon, you do not need to own the special device to read books on the Nook App. Download the app to your smartphone and you are ready to read your ebooks.