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     For years, Amber Rule was the main attraction in her father's self-help, life coaching infomercials, as the screw-up he helped fix. Now in order to win her inheritance, she must improve the mental game of the biggest bad-ass in the N.B.A., Evan Oliver. Too bad Amber knows nothing about basketball or life coaching. Too bad Even Oliver is determined to do things his own way, especially when it comes to teaching Amber a new set of rules.

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    Book Review

    What would you do if your father made a fortune off pretending to coach you as an obese, under confident teenager and seemingly fixed you up to appear as a well put together young woman? If you are Amber Rules, you hide out away from the spotlight and hope no one ever sees you again in the media. Then the father's will comes back to haunt her and she is now CEO of the company that offers life coaching based on her father's methods.

    Her siblings and she must generate sales to aid the failing corporation on whose checks they are surviving. That brings Evan Oliver, a basketball player off his game, into Amber's life. Can she coach him on methods that she herself thinks are dubious and make him succeed? Did her father ever love them, or were his children just experiments he undertook to perfect his own coaching skills?

    Unlike Amber I know a fair bit about basketball, so it was all the more fun for me to read about Chaos and the other plays they called. The gentle giant Ren was also an adorable character as Evan's teammate. I hope he gets his midnight star. Looking forward to read how Amber's brother Blue fares in his fight against the exes club. Will be sure to post that book review soon.

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