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Box Set Description

This sizzling box set for the Vegas Series starts off where we meet up with hardworking, hard-assed Detective Aurora Morelli. Attempting to arrest a rapist who attacks her colleague then continually thwarts her attempts to bring him to justice--to a horrific nightmare where her new baby is kidnapped--this scrappy detective does everything in her power to control these events. Kai Lawson, a partner she doesn't want, fights against and in the end accepts is the hero in these first few stories. The bald-headed, purse-carrying hotshot knows just how to pull her crank and the outcome is entertaining. Their blockbuster story will get you totally invested in this series.

Partners (Vegas Series Book 1) 

 Suspenseful and fast-paced, this short story will introduce you to Aurora Morelli and Kai Lawson; the characters who star in the full-length sequel "Roll the Dice" . Forced to take on a new partner, after a serial rapist attacks her former one, annoys Aurora big time. Especially when he's the kind of hotshot she normally stays as far away from as possible. But, because they both want this man more than anything else, they ignore the irritating explosions they set off from one another. And finding this slimeball becomes their ultimate goal.

Roll the Dice (Vegas Series Book 2) 

When attractive Las Vegas detective, Aurora Morelli, makes a friend, she takes the relationship very seriously. And if someone hurts that person, they’re going down. Slim and dainty, she has the heart of a lion, and when angry, the manners of a she-cat. Therefore the sicko who attacked her partner has become her prime target and nothing or no one will stand in her way. Except maybe her new partner who arrives in town full of vengeance for the same culprit.

Kai Lawson, a Bruce Willis look-alike, annoys her, and almost from the beginning, things go wrong. She questions whether they should be working together, especially after he shoots her, and not accidentally. Constant screw-ups on the job and the attraction building between them makes reaching her goal seem almost insurmountable. Almost!

Vegas Shuffle (Vegas Series Book 3) 

Short Bridge story!

Left high and dry, Aurora battles against her love for Kai. She eventually fights her way out of the pain of abandonment when she learns that Kai unknowingly left her with a part of himself she can love. Of course, she’s also forced to take on another partner. A ditzy gal who gets under her collar at first, but whose chatty cheerfulness and incredible skills soon win her a place on Aurora’s best-friend list.

Then there’s the good-looking devil, Jeff Waters, who’s the owner of the fantastic new casino in town. He makes up his mind he desires Aurora. She’s his type of woman, and he’s the kind of guy who’s used to getting what he wants.

High Stakes Gamble (Vegas Series Book 4) 

Aurora loves her mommy role and is fascinated by her little angel, Lily. When babies start to disappear in Vegas, not once did Aurora ever imagine that Lily would be one of the kidnap victims. So when the unthinkable happens, it forces Aurora to once again partner with Lily’s daddy, Kai, who’d previously walked out on her. This time, her heart will be kept firmly in lock-down where it’s safely resided since he disappeared and left her high and dry.

Almost a year later, still heartbroken over having lost Aurora, Kai learns he’s become a daddy. When a crazy lunatic kidnaps his baby girl, nothing can stop him from working the case, not even Aurora’s gun pointing at places on his body he’d like to keep intact. Hope arises when Aurora’s lips tell him to drop dead, but her hungry eyes plead for more of his tender brand of loving.

Spin the Wheel (Vegas Series Book 5) 

Short Bridge Story:
Lisa will be at Aurora and Kai’s wedding and forced to spend the evening with Jeff Waters, a man whose very presence makes her feel about the same age as Noel, her three-year-old adopted nephew. Not only can’t she talk with the man around, she can’t think straight when his gorgeous grey eyes search hers as if he’s trying to figure her out.
Jeff is intrigued with the long-legged, curly-haired beauty who tries so hard to ignore him. When they end up spending the night together, he knows he’s met the one and only. Now all he has to do is get her to acknowledge the fact that she really does like him even when she’s sober.

Let it Ride (Vegas Series Book 6) 

Lisa never breaks promises.
So when her old partner, Aurora, makes her promise to find out who has kidnapped Jeff Waters and to save him from being killed, she agrees. No one knows that he’s burrowed a path into her soft heart after their illicit night in his luxurious apartment. Just imagining him being in danger is enough to terrify the Las Vegas detective into taking chances she wouldn’t normally now that she’s responsible for her precocious three-year-old nephew.

Jeff hates knowing that the one person who comes to his rescue is the only woman he’s ever wanted to marry, a woman he should be protecting not the other way around. The fact that his family’s history put her in danger is driving him crazy. As crazy as the two killers who want him dead… but only after they get their ransom and bed the gorgeous long-legged prostitute they know has come to save him. 

Boxed Set Review

Not only is this boxed set great value for money, the stories are absolutely awesome!
 I thought I'd read a couple of chapters before I slept and guess what Mimi's story hooked me from the beginning. I would sneak a peek at the clock and tell myself I'd sleep after I read just one more chapter. And guess what I finally finished at 4 in the morning and just knocked out after that!
The action, the drama, the feeling of wanting to comfort Aurora while kicking Kai's butt, its an amazing and engrossing read. I especially loved the new "jock" partner Lisa and her reaction to Jeff. The whole MGM dancers bit was really hilarious too!
 Like I said I loved it so much I just had to read every last page before I could sleep! Thank you Mimi for the entertainment, and the dark circles under my eye ;)
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