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Book Description

At the dawn of time, two ancient adversaries battled for control of Earth. One man rose to stand at humanity's side. A soldier whose name we still remember today... 

Angelic Special Forces Colonel Mikhail Mannuki'ili has suffered from dissociative amnesia ever since his species was slaughtered as a child. The Cherubim said he must never try to remember what happened during the Seraphim Genocide. Whenever he tries, he blacks out and people end up dead. 

But old ghosts refuse to remain buried. With the village destroyed and whispers the white-winged Angelic is his own Prime Minister, each night, his dead chéad phósadh visits his nightmares to warn him about the lizard at the door. 

As Abaddon closes in on Earth, Lucifer deals with the fallout from his recent possession, Gita tries to clear her name, and Ba'al Zebub rallies a new threat against Assur, Mikhail must find a way to rescue his pregnant wife without succumbing to the terrifying power he can wield, but not control, in this fourth installment of the Sword of the Gods saga. 

This book is NOT religious fiction!  Trigger warning: this book deals with PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder and incidents of war. 

Book Review

I've been reading this series and loving each subsequent book more than the previous one. There is just so much drama, action, and thrills in each installment that you really keep wishing that it doesn't end.

 I actually read this book a couple of chapters at a time and forced myself to take breaks, because I couldn't bear the thought of finishing it too quickly. Alas, all good things come to an end and so did this fantastic read. I really really wanted Gita to get him in the end of the book. Guess that would mean the end of the series, and no book 5 so I can wait for him to claim her in the next book. 

Between his amnesia and PTSD you can almost forgive him for not recognizing his chead phosadh. Just a little heartbreaking the way she keeps sacrificing herself for his happiness. He better make it up to her properly in the next book, okay Anna? And I absolutely love the many many colourful characters that are woven into the story, humans of all tribes, species from different galaxies, it's just amazing the way everything comes together in an absolutely epic novel!

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