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Book Description

In a world of darkness, she is his only light. 

When Kara’s ship gets stranded on a cold rock on the ass-end of the solar system, she knows that her chances of a knight in shining armor rescuing her are slim to none. But when a light in the sky turns out to be none other than a Marauder with shining teal armor and rippling muscles who lands and saves her, she thinks her luck is too good to be true. And it is. He’s Kain, Son of Grius, and he’s from Darkstar. It’s a barren world beyond the orbit of Pluto, and it’s the home base of Marauders who want to obliterate the human race. But before they eradicate humanity, they’re perfectly happy to take human females as slaves. 

Kain Son of Grius has betrayed Darkstar and become a peacekeeper. His mission? Go back to Darkstar as an undercover agent. But on the way, a distress beacon from a stranded human ship takes him off course. It takes just one look in that human’s eyes, and his entire life goes off course. He thinks he might be able to save her, but before he can, a fully-armed ship from Darkstar approaches. He’ll have to go on with his undercover mission, and he’ll have to take his potential mate as prisoner. 

If he wants her to survive, he’ll have to claim her. 

Book Review

This is the fifth book in the Mating Wars series and follows the story of Kain, whom we met Ramses' book. The guy who showed him mercy on Venus. Well some time has lapsed since then and Kain is now a trained Peacekeeper. His first mission? To return to Darkstar and infiltrate the place. Only while he's on his way back he intercepts an SOS and finds his mate. 

Unfortunately Darkstar also responds to the emergency beacon and now Kain must let his mate Kara and her sister Felicia be taken as slaves. Will be be able to rescue her in time? Will his mission be compromised? You need to read to find out more. I love the ways the sisters bicker all through the book. I also enjoyed the cultural differences that come into play when Kain needs to resort to violent murder to protect Kara. Can't wait to read about Malcolm and Felicia!

I received an ARC for an honest review.
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