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Book Description

Josh Grady is a screwed up teen about to get another chance. After stealing a car, wrecking it in a terrible accident that puts his best friend in a coma, he is given a lucky break he's not sure he deserves. Instead of juvie, he's sent to Shining Star Boy's Ranch. Josh resents the rules, the counselors and the teachers, but most of all he hates the family atmosphere that reminds him of all he's lost. Journaling becomes an outlet that leads to self discovery. After many mistakes, Josh realizes that the hardest lesson of all to learn is forgiveness.

Book Review

This is a book that deals with some harsh realities. The main protagonist Josh is pretty much at the end of a rather long rope that he's been weaving to hang himself with. He's managed to get in to all kinds of trouble and as a last resort has been sent to Shining Star Boy's Ranch rather than juvenile prison.

Here he has a "family" of sorts that is rooting for him. Something he has no idea how to deal with. he's used to people blaming him, being angry at him and generally cussing him. He's not used to people trusting him, looking forward to his company and having faith in him. It's a beautiful story of self realization as Josh finally releases his anger and his angst to allow himself a new beginning in life.

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  1. Traci Says:

    Thank you Cashmere! This story has always been near to my heart.

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