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Becky is on a reality show in Arizona, but instead of having the single men compete with each other for her affections, she has to compete with another woman for theirs. While on a disastrous double date for the show, Becky meets a wonder man, too bad she's not allowed to talk to him. 

Dean finds the one woman he knows is meant to be his, but there's a problem, she's a contestant on a reality show. Working with his brother, who just happens to be a cameraman on the show, they put together a scheme to get Dean access to the set. Now all he has to do is convince Becky to choose him. 

Their relationship blossoms, but when trouble arises, Becky has to decide if she can trust Dean enough to help her, or if she's better off alone. Dean would do anything for the woman he loves, but first he has to find her.

Book Review

The reality show producer Eddie is back with another show. This time he has two women choosing partners from among many men. Becky is the girl next door and Melissa is the hot chick the guys all flock to. In all the chaos of the unreal world Becky is losing her self esteem and Dean isn't too happy about it. Dean's brother is a cameraman on the show and that's how he meets Becky. He knows she's the one for him, but she's under contract to date other men. After a positively abusive experience Becky quits the show only to be trapped in a nightmare. When it's over she doesn't want Dean to know what happened to her. He's frantic with worry about losing her...will they make it back together? Find out when you read the book
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