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Book Descrpition

Alexa leaves Los Angeles with a scarred heart, a beat-up car, and a secret. The legal system has failed her. Her family has abandoned her. She’s fleeing her hopelessness. Zane already has more responsibilities than most, but when he finds a broken, but beautiful woman stranded on the side of the road, he rescues her. Picking up the pieces is what he does best.

Forced to work at Zane’s bar, Alexa watches suspiciously as young girls frequent Zane’s quarters. Surely he can’t be paying them for sex?One night, Alexa finds out just how little she knows about her enigmatic and sexy boss. The last thing she expects to find reawakens heartache and guilt beyond imagination.

When Zane’s ex shows up unexpectedly, Alexa is determined to fight for him. For them. However, in order to fight, she has to reveal her past, and in doing so she could lose everything, again.When you’ve lost your direction, trust your heart. It’s a good compass to follow when you’re looking for love.
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Book Review

This was a truly beautiful story of a woman looking for a fresh start after a messy divorce. She literally gets rescued from the roadside by a man who will change her world when her old car breaks down. After the treatment she got at the hands of her ex husband and father Alexa was convinced that there was no decent man left on the planet. Only for her to discover that Zane was the exception who proved the rule. He looks gruff and intimidating at first but as she discovers it’s all an act. Of course the fact that he keeps disappearing above the bar with teenage girls and comes down freshly showered is not exactly recommending itself to Alexa. Especially when he’s paying them when they leave…till she discovers his secret. I’m not going to spoil it.
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