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Book Description

Abby Martin was an ordinary girl about to start high school, or so she thought, until she became plagued with nightmares after learning that she would be moving to Arizona with her mother. Stressed doesn't even cover what Abby is feeling when she thinks about trying to make new friends, but to her surprised she is surrounded by a new crowd from day one. She is even drawn to one guy in particular, Pete, but when Eli tries to convince her to stay away, she begins to second guess whether he is the guy for her.

Unfortunately, she doesn't heed his warnings and finds out too late he was right all along. What's more is Eli isn't who she thought he was either. Immortality, kidnapping, and gifts are now swirling through her mind. The deeper she dives into learning of Eli's world she finds herself more confused and in trouble. And to top things off Abby suddenly can't stop thinking of Eli, her Protector, in a whole new light, is that love she's feeling? Abby and Eli get in over their heads when Pete is plotting against them, but who will come out on top?

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 Book Review

Abby considers her life in California normal and boring. She is not altogether excited at having to move to Arizona when her parents split up. Despite her misgivings, she manages to make three friends on the very first day of school. Pete is a cute boy who she hopes will be more, but Eli tries to warn her about Pete’s terrible temper. And the fact that Eli believes Pete has actually killed someone is not encouraging at all. Then there is Bailey, a bubbly girl who Abby gets along just fine with.

While life seems to have picked up fairly well, Abby suddenly finds herself in a life threatening adventure where only her protector can save her. She must come to terms with the fact that people around her, are not exactly what they seem to be. There is immortality, strange visions and unknown powers in the world that she knows nothing about. She must trust her best friend Eli to help ease her into this new, and often dangerous world.

Wonderful young adult read. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Only one point I must make, all the food described, specially breakfast meals, had me feeling hungry. Nice way to sneak in the importance of breakfast to a young readership!

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