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Book Description

As far as Amy Slater was concerned, she and the mysterious Jed Glaze had the perfect relationship...they were good friends. Amy needed someone who wasn't demanding and Jed needed someone who wouldn't ask questions when he disappeared for weeks at a time. It worked, until... 

Amy and Jed jet off to an island paradise to uncover the source of Amy's crippling nightmares. Together they will reveal the island's secrets and their true feelings for each other.

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Book Review

Island Paradises aren't always what they seem 

Amy is a writer of fantasy books, who doesn't spend much time socializing. She lives in a little corner of the world where she fights her own personal demons (incidentally, also the name of her upcoming book.) The only social contact she seems to have had in the past three months has been with Jed.

Jed is gone from town as much as he is there, and he is not a person to make deep friendships. He prefers not to involve himself in deep, meaningful relationships and blames it on the nature of his job. Then after nearly eight years he breaks his own self imposed rules and lets himself get involved...with Amy.

Amy suffers from nightmares that Jed wants to help her resolve. It sees the two of them off on an adventure on a Hawaiian Island involving hired goons, knife wounds, inquisitive strangers, Russian agents, murder, cave divings and the possibility of finding a treasure in the form of emeralds.

I am not much of a swimmer, but the beautiful descriptions of the under sea world in the book seriously want me to get an opportunity to do some diving.

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