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The last year has been smooth sailing for Casey Donovan. She and her boyfriend Nate are doing better than ever, and things at home are good, too. Everything’s been so calm, she hasn’t “tripped” back to the nineteenth century in ages. 

Then the unthinkable happens and she accidentally takes her rebellious brother Tim back in time. It’s 1862 with the Civil War brewing, and for Tim this spells adventure and excitement. Finding himself stuck in the past, he enlists in the Union army, but it doesn’t take long before he discovers real life war is no fun and games. 

Casey and Nate race against the clock to find Tim, but the strain wears on their relationship. It doesn’t help that the intriguing new boy next door has his sights on Casey, and isn’t shy to let her know it. 

Can Nate and Casey find Tim in time to save him? And is it too late to save their love?
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Book Review

The adventures of Casey Donovan continue in the second book of the series. While Nate, her current boyfriend, may have accepted her "tripping" back to the past, Casey still has a far from stress free life. Her brother Tim is not getting over his temper tantrums which began when their parents had separated. He gets into trouble every chance he gets and Casey gets mad at him for causing trouble where none needs to exist. Naturally this triggers a trip to the past and Tim is shocked and thrilled to learn about her double life.

Unfortunately unlike the others who have gone into the past with Casey, Tim is in no hurry to return. When Casey comes back without him Tim decides to join the Civil War. Now Casey enlists help from Nate to try and get him back safely. Unfortunately Tim has a knack for finding trouble no matter which century he happens to be in. Will Casey be able to save Tim from the danger he finds himself in? Find out when you read the book.
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