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Because no one is listening! 

Remi Calder is a satisfied woman who believes she has everything she desires—until she sees Eadan Fleming for the first time. The fact that he hires her to redecorate his flat presents many opportunities for her to spend time with the man, and she’s in heaven. Wanting to make herself more attractive in order to catch his eye, she decides she needs to change her appearance. Pairing up with a neighboring youngster who’s in the pits of despair from her bullying peers, they share their struggles to lose the excess weight that makes them both so unhappy. Will he notice? 

Eadan Fleming is taken with the gentle genius and gorgeous spirit of his new designer. He’s looking forward to spending time with a woman who cares more about sharing a wonderful meal with her escort than worrying about her thin shape. Deciding that the stunning beauties he’s spent his last few years trying to understand are a thing in the past, he happily makes the choice that his next woman will be nicely rounded—and Remi Calder fits his dream woman perfectly. Except the gutsy woman is flesh and blood… 

Book Review

Who wouldn't love it when a handsome, single man moves into their apartment building. Remi Calder is totally delighted to see Eadan Fleming shifting in. However its quite mortifying to be caught spying on him moving boxes by his younger brother as she hides behind the bushes. Well, she may be a confident young woman most of the time, but she also becomes a clumsy mixed up kid when infatuation hits and with Eadan it hits hard. So what's a girl to do but fall in love.

Eadan is trying to get over his cheating fiancee and get a fresh start. However he has decided that the next woman he gets involved with will not be a super thin model lookalike, but a real flesh and blood woman with a few pounds on her. Plus Remi totally fits that bill. When he gets her to help redesign his flat they get to know each other better. Unfortunately Eadan needs to go back home and pick up the slack on behalf of his brother, leaving Remi and him no option but to continue long distance.

Little does he know that Remi is helping her young friend Greta become more confident as she adopts a healthier lifestyle and loses weight. The two girls partner up to become thinner and the efforts are clearly visible when they go at it. I love the way the author has brought out the challenges that slightly obese kids go through with bullies and their own self. Of course Eadan's response to the new trim Remi is anything but desirable...Lol

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