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Book Description

In the brilliant fourth book from Andy McDermott, Nina Wilde must battle the Covenant of Genesis if she is to find the world’s greatest archaeological treasure...

Off the coast of Indonesia, archaeologist Nina Wilde makes an explosive find: evidence of a settlement that existed over a hundred thousand years before any previously known civilisation. But when her ship is attacked, it becomes clear that the clandestine religious group calling itself the Covenant of Genesis will stop at nothing to prevent her from revealing this knowledge.

With her fiancé Eddie Chase, Nina embarks upon a dangerous worldwide search to expose the Covenant of Genesis – and the incredible secret they will kill to conceal.

Book Review

Its amazing how Nina Wilde is in the path of every possible major archaeological find ever made! yea, yea, I know, I'm addicted to the action packed sequences that always seem to follow Eddie Chase as he goes about trying to rescue his damsel in distress, Nina. Well, the two have another strong and powerful enemy in the Covenant of Genesis which brings together some fanatics from the three major Abrahamic religions.

Their mission, to keep the world from finding out that the Garden of Eden was an actual place in Africa. The reason? It wasn't the home of early human beings, but a whole different ball game. So I'm not going to spoil the fun, in case you do decide to read the book. They go through many continents and countries and as Nina says, now people have officially tried to kill her on all seven continents.

  Click Here to Get - The Covenant of Genesis (Wilde/Chase 4)
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