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First comes love. 
Then comes marriage. 
Then comes a— 

Hold up. You’re joking right? As if life works off a neat little list like that, moving down, checking things off before jumping to the next task. We’re not married. We’re not lovers. Hell, we’re hardly even friends. Noah Wilson isn’t exactly “life partner” material, and he sure as hell isn’t “father material”. He’s my older brother’s best friend, and has been off limits, sworn off, locked in the highest tower and out of reach since we met over ten years ago. With his devilish good looks, tattoos, motorcycle, and trail of broken hearts and tears, I’ve had good reason to stay away from the bad boy my mother warned me about. 

Until one night. One stupid, regrettable night that changed both of our lives forever. And now I only have nine months to decide our fate, to see if Noah’s rebel heart is capable of anything more than a one night stand. 

This isn’t a love story. This is a life story. And life doesn’t go according to plan.

Book Review

Noah is a bad boy. He accepts it, and yes is almost staggeringly proud of all the trouble he can raise. Right from school he's been getting in to all kinds of scrapes. He's very thankful for his best friend, Collin for staying with him and supporting him even when no one else in the world, including his mother, seems to give a rat's ass about him. Then while waiting for the Principal to read him the riot act he sees this beautiful girl and falls instantly in love.

Lauren is idealistic, wants to be a vet and does not believe students should perform dissections in school. She is in the office to protest to the procedure. That's when she meets Noah. He's exactly the kind of bad boy her mother has warned her to stay away from. She's a bona fide good girl. There is no way that she is ever going to get involved with Noah. And yet, there is something about him that has always drawn her. Perhaps its just the lure of what you know is forbidden.

Before Noah can make a move he realises that Lauren is Collin's younger sister. Being a strong believer in the Bro-Code, he makes her off limits and they drift to the sidelines in each others lives. Its been years and then Lauren is trying to escape from a particularly bad date when she walks into the bar where Noah is helping out. Being just a little tipsy and without transportation Lauren agrees to Noah taking her home. Down a couple of more shots, both of them finally do it, and wake up without a memory of the deed the next morning. They agree to never mention it again and go back to life as usual.

There's only one hitch in that plan - Lauren finds out that she's pregnant!

Lauren knows that while having a baby at this time in her life may not be ideal, there is no way she is getting rid of the child. She wants this baby, even if the father wants nothing to do with it. Noah is feeling like he got handed a dozen birthdays and Christmas gifts at once. Now not only can he claim Lauren for good, he will even have Collin's blessing for doing so. Just one problem remains - convincing Lauren that he really does want to be a part of their baby's life.
They decide to get to know each other better and see if things will work out. Its like a whole series of hit and misses before they finally find their equation. The author's done a great job of exposing the vulnerabilities of each of them and how they are so scared to open up their inner self to the other. Beautifully written. 

I received a gift copy for my honest opinion and I'll let you know its well worth reading the book. You will enjoy it.

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