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Book Description

He was broken by the war. Her secret could destroy her family. 
Ex-Marine sniper Jared River left the war, but the war never really left him. He’s a broken wolf who’s only good for one thing now—killing men. And he’s peering down his scope at Senator Krepky, the anti-shifter politician about to ruin the lives of all the shifters Jared loves. 

Grace Krepky is the daughter of the Senator, a good girl with a passion for her father’s politics and who’s earned her way into being his campaign manager. Only problem? She’s secretly a shifter… and the clock is ticking until her own father inadvertently forces that secret into the open, ruining both their lives. 

Jared’s all set to pull the trigger when he sees something shocking through the Senator’s glass walls—his daughter is a wolf. Jared puts his gun aside to go after the fleeing girl, but he already knows this can only end in one of two ways—either he’ll convince her to reveal herself to the Senator and stop his anti-shifter legislation, or Jared will have to assassinate her father. 

If only she wasn’t making him come alive again… 

Book Review

Jared is a lost cause. One who has lost his mate, lost his will to live, lost any desire period. He only worries about his family and when the evil senator and scientist are coming for them, he decides to save them by assassinating the senator and giving up his own life. Then he sees that the senator's daughter is a shifter and holds his bullet.

Grace is a shifter. She is also the daughter of an anti shifter senator running for re elections. Plus she just happens to be his campaign manager. The new laws her father is proposing will force her secret out into the open. She has no clue about pack life and no one to turn to till Jared races up to her in wolf form.

Now he is her link to the shifter world. She has a lot to learn, but time is running out for both of them. Nice intrigue and good twist in the end about how Grace's wolf is different. Enjoyed reading it. Not for readers under 18!

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