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One man. One woman. One restaurant. A stormy temper, and a grudge that's been years in the making. It's the perfect recipe for Romance: Impossible. But add a little heat, and anything can happen...

Jillian Brown needs a job. Chef Maxwell Dylan needs an employee who can put up with him. And for some reason, the notorious celebrity chef has his sights set on her. It's a match made in the deepest fires of hell, but Jill's desperate, and righteous indignation doesn't pay the bills.

Chef Dylan doesn't seem to remember their chance encounter years ago, when he embarrassed Jill in front of a restaurant full of customers. And Jill - well, she's willing to put the memory behind her, in the name of a steady paycheck.

But things get complicated. Tempers flare, verbal sparring soon gives way to a grudging mutual respect - and feelings that the once-bitten, twice-shy Jill isn't ready for. Especially not with a man like Chef Dylan. But with flames licking higher, can Jill resist the temptation? More importantly, does she really want to?

Book Review

It is difficult to be a good chef when your boss is cutting corners on the grocery supplies, but Jillian is doing her best, when celebrity chef Dylan walks into her restaurant and publicly berates her skills. Its been years to the incident and Jillian is coping with the disastrous market as an unemployed chef when a seemingly golden opportunity comes her way. Possible employment, however the rider is that it would be at Chef Dylan's new restaurant in town.

Dylan gives no sign of recognizing her and for that she is grateful. She learns he is temperamental in the kitchen but always fair. She is just about learning to cope with him, when he drops the bomb. He does remember her and he is sorry. His respect for her hard work and skills are at war with his need to treat her as the new woman in his life. He knows he only ever crashes and burns in relationships, so he should keep it professional, The path to love is framed with good intentions, but will their personal or professional lives survive the tempers, the angry words and more of all their mutual attraction.

Characters were well fleshed out and story was interesting. My first book from this author, but enjoyed it enough to read another from her collection.

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