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Book Description

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ginny Baird brings you
Romantic Ghost Stories (Books 1 - 3), three wholesome, heartwarming love stories with a slightly spooky edge.

This volume contains:

A single mom and her teenage daughter move next to a spooky old house, and the small-town sheriff comes to their aid. 

A woman is stranded along a lonely Virginia highway and is rescued by a handsome stranger. But is he leading her to safety, or into greater danger?

A New York City musician rents a historic farmhouse at the Virginia Eastern Shore, where odd things start occurring. Though the hot groundskeeper tries to protect her, is she really safer in his arms?

Book Review 

Having read a number of other books by Ginny I was a little surprised at the paranormal element, but totally enjoyed it.
The Ghost Next Door - Elizabeth is a woman on a mission - make the little weekly newspaper come alive and make a good life for her teenaged daughter and herself in the new town. When things get a little spooky, Nathan, the town sheriff steps in to help. While Nathan is happy to be the one to keep the town safe, he'd rather keep his heart safer in Elizabeth's hands. He wants them to like the town and stay. Not leave like his sister Bella and niece Melody, but there are secrets around that may just drive the mother daughter duo away.

The Light at the End of the Road - Samantha Williams is in a hurry to get to the hospital where her father is undergoing heart surgery. The weather is terrible and a road block causes her to try some back roads which she would ordinarily never traverse. Then her car skids and she is in mortal danger. That's when Jake Marlow comes to her rescue. He pulls her out of the car despite the smoke from the burning engine. They then wander around the old country roads trying to find help. Unfortunately they seem to be lost, and Sam is not so sure they are going to get to the hospital in time for her to see her father. As they face mishap after mishap on the cold snowy night the two of them bond over the intense experience. The only trouble is, it was not real!

The House at Homecoming Cove - Melissa Carter is fighting burnout as a musician and heartbreak as a woman when she comes to stay for a month at the House at Homecoming Cove. She id definitely not prepared to meet her handsome groundskeepers, specially when she can't get rid of the feeling that she's met him before. Naturally that could never have happened with him here and her in New York, so why did she feel when she looked into his eyes that he knew her since ages. Stone Thomas has had nightmares of drowning since he was eight years old. The way he went under may have changed but the end result stayed constant. He was not looking for love, just a little bit of peace of mind as he made his way back after a traumatic accident in the Caribbean where he very nearly did drown. Then Melissa rented the home he felt drawn to for a month.
The two of them can't help but feel that they were meant to be, but when strange incidents occur in the house, which locals have considered haunted, both of them have to wonder if continuing their relationship is a good idea, after all.

I received a copy of the ebook from the author for an honest opinion.

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