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Book Description

CHRISTMAS TEARS - current day.
Elena's got a lot on her mind. The holidays are approaching and with them all kinds of cheerfulness…for everyone but her. The entire holiday season just highlights past pain. Loss. And depression. A river rafting trip down the Colorado River is the perfect anti-Christmas gift to herself. Nothing about the Grand Canyon in December resembles snow and cheer. And it’s actually working until the raft overturns, sending her toward a watery grave...

His luck just might be changing. Morrigan is leading a salvage mission. Out on the ocean, fighting the elements, the men row toward a Spanish galleon. The big ship hit a reef. It's sinking fast. Chances of finding a survivor are slim. Odds of pulling treasure from the wreck even slimmer. And then he pulls a woman from the sea...
And finds both. 

Elena hadn’t believed in Christmas magic. Until it happened to her.

Book Review

Elena is going through a hellish life when she decides to escape Christmas with an adventure vacation. What she did not expect is the holiday to change her life by throwing her back into the past. She definitely did not expect Morrigan and she's still debating if she's watching a historical play enactment while he's literally fighting to keep her alive.

Morrigan needs no baggage. He's got plenty on his mind, but he is too much of a good soul to leave Elena out at sea to die. Sure her fortune will bring him back his lost home, but does he really want to loot her and leave her? Not if he can marry her and have her! Of course she may just be a bit crazy given the way she speaks about being in the past, but he can live with that.

I got an advance copy of the ebook from the author for my review.
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