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Book Description

The spring Gabby meets Clay, Michelle, another girl like Gabby, discovers the truth. A truth she'll need to share with Gabby and the other four like them.

They kept me prisoner for four years, using me for my predictions. They thought they had me subdued, meekly following orders, but they were wrong. I was waiting for a chance to run. I had to be careful, though. They had my brothers, and the leader wasn't exactly human.

The sudden death of her stepfather gives Michelle the only chance she may ever have to escape, and she takes it. She needs a place to hide and someone to listen to her predictions so her head doesn't explode. Yet, there's nowhere she can hide and no one to protect her from the monsters pursuing her.

Then, she meets Emmitt. He's calm, kind, caring...and a werewolf. If she can find a way to trust him, he might be able to do more than just keep her safe. He might be the one who can help her fight for answers about her gift and the other women like her.

Book 2, (Mis)fortune, introduces another leading character whose story, like Gabby's, will continue with the series.

Book Review

Gabby and Clay are just about getting their relationship under control when another of her "Sisters" is discovered on the run by Emmitt. Emmitt is pack leader Thomas' son, an alpha werewolf, who was in the military. Now he's out and wondering what he is going to do.
That's when he get's stuck playing knight in shining armour to Michelle and her baby brothers. It's a role he's happy to take on, given that she is his mate. However she is a human and has no idea what she means to him.
Compound that with the problems of having being abused and held prisoner Michelle is on a flight or fight response all the time. Can she take the step to trust Emmitt to keep her and her baby brothers safe? Fantastic read. Love this series so far.
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