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Book Description

When Harper Preston finds himself flat in a hospital bed after a botched op, he’s okay with dealing with the fallout. If he dies, he’s lived well past his expiration date. The only people that will notice his passing are the guys he works with at Lost and Found Investigative Service.

Then his estranged wife arrives.

Cat Preston is thankful and horrified when she’s called to her husband’s side. He’s been shot. Again. But now that she’s found him she’s going to make the most of the opportunity. If it were up to Harper, she would be out of his life completely because he thinks it's the best thing for the family.

With a little SEAL abduction (for his own good of course) maybe she can convince him otherwise...

Book Review

This book deals with yet another veteran disability. PTSD is finally being addressed in this series. I really admire the author's ability to create such engrossing stories based on war veterans while highlighting the challenges that they face when they return to society.

We first met Harper as the back up John called in to protect Shannon. Now we find out why he refuses to be anywhere near his wife and kids, even though they miss him and want him to be with them.

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