Cashmere JL

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Book Description

He's a tough cop on a mission. 
She avoids cops like the plague. 
He'll take the challenge... 

Single mom Isabel Garcia's blood runs cold when an innocent dig in her garden unearths evidence of her late husband's criminal activity, one she knew nothing about! When she calls narcotics detective Linc Heller, she faces another shock-- her wild attraction to the hot detective. 

Yet Linc's perilous profession makes him unsuitable as a potential husband and stepfather. Protecting her little daughter from further heartache, Isabel vows to avoid Linc. But the alpha lieutenant is determined to woo the elusive Latin beauty and show her some risks make life worth living.

Book Review

Dealing with her ex husband's death would have been bad enough but to realize that he was an addict who was peddling drugs was worse. Isabel had to protect Suzie, her young daughter from the whole big bad world. That included not exposing her to strange men considering that Suzie is actively looking for a father figure.

Linc needs to solve the drug case that caused Isabel so much heartbreak, and to do so he has to grill her well. He wishes that they could have met under different circumstances as he is really attracted to this strong and admirable woman.

When he sees her being attacked at the end of a blind date he can't hold himself back. He protects her then and vows that he will always be there for her. Now can she take the risk to open her heart to him?

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