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Book Description

Her mother slowly dying in a poisonous plot of power.
An ancient instrument of peace threatening ultimate destruction.
A determined brainiac demanding secrets and smart enough to uncover them.

Piper Akins has lived her entire life in the clutches of an evil cult and wants to run away. But with her uncle’s double cross and her mother on her deathbed, she has no choice but to do as the cult demands and search for the supposed magical trumpet of King Tut.

Thanks to an unknown but powerful father, Piper is immune to the trumpet’s effects. But she’s not immune to the charms of Soul Warrior Math, who believes she’s working with him not against him. 

Math might be the smartest warrior in the force, but he wants to be respected for his physical prowess. The only way to prove this is to discover Piper’s secrets, find the missing trumpet of peace, and defeat the evil cult. When Piper tricks him, he realizes he’s failed on all counts.

While Piper and Math circle around each other, pretending one thing, believing another, the threat grows. Her mother will certainly die if Piper doesn’t betray her growing love for Math. And Math must offer more than muscles and brains to win Piper over. He must offer his heart.

But can both learn to trust each other in time to stop mankind’s annihilation?

Book Review

I must confess that I was expecting Piper to play the trumpet all through the book like Aria did in the previous book with the Trumpet of War. However the story line here is very different and way more fun. Piper goes to her Uncle's pawn shop to retrieve the trumpet which has been smuggled in to the country on behalf of the Order of Crucis. Only to find her Uncle trying to double cross the Order by selling it to someone else. Only thing is, they steal the trumpet and walk out with one playing the trumpet and putting everyone to sleep.

Everyone but Piper. Now she knows the head of the Order Aaron will never let her hear the end of it should she reveal that she had not fallen asleep. Now the Soul Warriors show up at the pawn shop and she's forced to reveal that detail to Aaron as well, who decides she needs to keep them distracted while the Order retrieves the trumpet from the thieves. The only reason she's doing this is so that she can help cure her mother and take her away. Escape from Math, the reanimated stone warrior is not going to be quite as easy.

Forced to work together Piper falls hard for Math, but then she needs to bring the trumpet to Aaron. Will Math get over her betrayal? Will they be able to survive the fight against the members of the Order? And most importantly, will Piper escape a fate worse than death by being tired eternally to do Aaron's bidding in Pi Day? If you still don't want to read this book to find out, you obviously are strolling the wrong genre aisle!

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