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Book Description

An ancient Egyptian amulet.
A pharaoh’s soul inside demanding she obey.
A double cross that ends with a curse.

On her first heist to steal an ancient Egyptian amulet, sixteen-year-old Olivia inadvertently receives the soul of King Tut…and the deadly curse that comes with it. And Olivia’s not alone at the museum.

A member of a secret society, Xander believes it’s his place to inherit King Tut’s soul and justly rule. He knows nothing about the society’s evil plan to control the world or the curse. Now, he must deal with the female thief who stole the amulet.

When the two teens find themselves up against the secret society, they reluctantly join forces and must figure out how to end the curse before it turns deadly. On the run and unable to touch because of the curse, Olivia and Xander develop a connection during their quest. 

As the mystery surrounding the amulet unfolds, Olivia and Xander fall for each other. But is love enough to save them and the world from destruction? 

Book Review

Olivia is struggling to survive and she needs to do what she is told to do to keep her young friends safe. Even if the task is stealing a precious artifact from the museum. Trouble is, it's not just any artifact and she's not the only one trying to steal it.
Xander has been brought up with the belief that he is special and that he will have the power of the soul of King Tut residing in him. So it's a major shock when he's being put through the ceremony only to have Olivia steal both the artifact and the power.
Now Olivia needs to run and hide, and Xander has been cast aside. Can the two of them trust each other enough to work together, and what exactly can they do to ensure that the hidden society doesn't cause more harm than it already has?
Fantastic YA read. Thoroughly enjoyed the story. The action is seamless, the thrill follow each other and the characters are by turns vulnerable and powerful. You find yourself rooting for them to get through the challenges they face.

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