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Book Description

What if ISIS controlled America?

Eisa McCarthy lives in Caliphate City under the control of the radical Islamic group, the Ghuraba. Seven years ago General Mohammad bin-Rasulullah defeated the United States in a ruthless betrayal and set up their worldwide Caliphate in the ruins of Washington, D.C. The Ghuraba's supreme holy leader, the Abu al-Ghuraba, claims Eisa's father gave him control of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, a claim bolstered by the smoldering ashes of many cities and her Syrian-born mother's testimony. But after her mother is accused of apostasy, she learns her father may not be the 'martyr' the Ghuraba claim.

Do the Ghuraba really possess the launch codes for the ICBM missiles? Or did her father 'lock them out' as Colonel Everhart, the rebel commander, wants her to tell the world? If she fights, the Ghuraba will kill her little sister, but if she doesn't, eventually the Ghuraba will hack in and nuke them all. All Eisa has are a string of Muslim prayer beads and a pre-Islamic myth her father told her the night he disappeared.

The fate of the world, and her little sister's life, hang in the balance as Eisa sorts through ancient myth, her Muslim faith, and what really happened the night the Ghuraba seized control.

Book Review

This is not light reading. This book brings out questions that you never want to answer. Disturbingly accurate in the descriptions of a male dominated ISIS society, the book really sent shivers down my spine. The story of Eisa McCarthy is one of survival. As a woman, and as a Muslim. The protection she wants to offer her younger sister but can not. The heartbreak of being torn from the familiar and thrust into the unknown. The simple pleasures of being a teenager, denied.

When she swears that she will make a widow out of her sister, you can feel her anguish and her determination not to be helpless anymore. I think that scene was one of the most memorable in the book. Reading the book made me glad that this was just a novel, that it was not my reality. Then it struck me, it may not be my reality, but hundreds of women live through such time each day in the world today. That really made me feel so helpless and frustrated.

The writing is phenomenal. The story does not allow you to keep the book down. The characters are so well developed you can imagine meeting them on the street. All I can say is that it took me a while to recover from the book world Anna Erishkigal created.

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