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Book Description

The evil Djinn has been banished, but Marielle’s supposedly happy days are still filled with fear. She feigns a settled appearance but is continually on edge because of Akeelah’s threats of a painful revenge.

When Akeelah does reappear, Marielle’s notions of the creature’s cruelty are surpassed. The Djinn is worse than Marielle ever imagined. Akeelah is crazed, ready to cause a deadly chaos, and willing to so whatever it takes to unveil the secrets which will give her power over human souls. 

During her quest, Akeelah captures Faris, Marielle’s one and only love. They are torn asunder, leaving Marielle on her knees, brokenhearted. Without him, she is not whole. Anger brews slowly within her. The situation is personal now, and she’s not about to sit idle and let her grief win. She will do whatever it takes to get her one love back—even if it means putting the entire human race at risk.

Book Review

Just as things begin to settle down for Faris and Marielle things go crazy again. A djinn may not be able to physically harm a human, but it's easy to find other twisted humans who would do anything for power and money. Faris chooses to leave out of his own choice with Akeelah believing he is sparing Marielle, but Akeelah is not exactly known for keeping her word. On the other hand Marielle would do all she can to get Faris back safely...even contact a recluse Djinn expert. It may not have been the best idea she ever had....

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