Cashmere JL

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Book Description

After almost dying in an avalanche, Dax O’Donnell makes a promise to himself: get serious about life and his career. His playboy ways might be fun, but he needs to plan for his future. Applying to paramedic school has always been a dream, but is he smart enough to succeed?

Lexi Henderson has loved Dax since joining the ski patrol team at Castle Ridge Resort. Knowing he’s a playboy, she’s kept her distance, but when he’s rescued from an avalanche she kisses him and sparks both of their desires. But he thinks she has a boyfriend—another playboy, and she keeps a major secret. Or two.
Dax suggests fun lessons to turn Lexi’s quiet and rigid attitude around. But when fun turns to passion, he must ask, is she willing to make the playboy switch?

In this secret identity tale, love overcomes secrets and lies.

Book Review

We first met Dax in the first book of the series which was Reed's romance with Quinn. Dax was the younger brother who was in a funk about his girlfriend moving away. And Reed believed himself too damaged to be allowed to fall in love and helped him make a move on Quinn. However that did not work out and Reed did get his girl. What about poor Dax?

In a family of brilliant and passionate people he is the ordinary one. The dumb jock on ski patrol. The party boy who makes things fun. Unfortunately that's not how he wants the rest of his life to be. Already a bit discontent with the way things were he makes a life changing decision when he gets buried in an avalanche.
How serious is he about turning his life around does not make the story's about how he wants Lexi to become less serious and have fun. The two come across as opposites, but balance is important in life.

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