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Book Description

A homecoming he never wanted ...

Ben Sumner left the suffocating small town of Canyon Creek, Colorado ten years ago, and never looked back. Not for more than a visit. Even though his family helped found the town and owned a large piece of the mountain at its center, he always felt out of place.

His father’s death has changed that, bringing him home to discover his parents leveraged everything to build a lodge on the family’s property. Ben knows cutting costs is the only way to keep the bank from foreclosing on his family’s legacy. There’s only one person standing in his way: Maggie Lawrence, the high school crush who’d never spared him a glance. She might be just as beautiful as she was ten years earlier, but he’ll do whatever it takes to stop her.

Maggie Lawrence fought harder than most to get to where she is today. She’s overcome her father’s cruel taunts and jeers, and found a place where she belongs. At the Lodge at Canyon Creek, she’s a valued part of the staff, and practically a member of the Sumner family.

When the lodge owner, John Sumner suddenly dies, she’ll do everything in her power to carry on John’s dream, even if that means fighting the oh-so-sexy Ben Sumner every step of the way.

Born to Be My Baby is the first book in the Canyon Creek, CO Series. It can be read as a standalone book.

Book Review

Maggie has been working at the Sumner lodge for years. She is grateful to John and Valerie for all the encouragement and support that they have given her. She was resigned to being the town drunk's daughter, but working as the manager of the lodge has given her confidence a boost. She's now working at putting together enough funds to run her own bed and breakfast one day. What she doesn't expect is John's sudden death.

Ben has become a successful businessman by writing exceptional code and creating software. He feels that life is taking him away from the coding he enjoys to the endless tasks of running a company, but he doesn't know what else to do. That's when he gets the news of his father dying. He rushes back home only to find out that his parents have expanded the lodge way too soon and have a huge loan.

Ben doesn't think his mother can manage on his own and is surprised to find Maggie at her side, helping her. It doesn't help him that he's been crushing on Maggie since high school. The two of them butt heads over changes and cuts that he want to make. And somewhere along the way they discover that they do indeed work well together, not just as work colleagues, but also as life partners.

Beautiful story. Loved the characters. So much depth and emotion. Very well dealt with. Looking forward to the rest of the brothers joining the lodge in the subsequent stories.

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