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If it swells, ride it…
Georgie Childress moved to Verity Beach to lick her wounds after her controlling fiancĂ© pulled a runner mere weeks before the wedding. Jobless and desperate to flee his turf, she sought solace in the quietude of the ocean, happily escaping into her own thoughts while surrounded by diving dolphins and cacophonous seagulls. Only when she accidentally runs over some random—and super sexy—surfer dude’s surfboard does she start to wonder if she needs to bring her head out of the clouds and start paying attention to life again.
Spencer Willoughby long ago fled his rigid upbringing, shunning the familial expectations of an Ivy League education and Wall Street career in favor of the sun, sand and surf along North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Give him a surfboard and he’s a happy man. That is until some nutty lady with a penchant for fender-benders backs into his beloved hand-crafted wooden surfboard, snapping it in half. It’s enough to make a man crazy—crazier still because the kooky blond is making his blood run hot.
Just when he finally gets the woman out of his head, Spencer is unwittingly paired off with her at a wedding as a favor to a friend, forcing him to make nice with his board-murdering nemesis who he might just want to ride off into the sunset.

Book Review

This was a book that made me smile. Georgie is an emotional and extremely sentimental person. Having been stood up at the altar, her resolve to safeguard her heart includes sticking with her BOBs and not looking at men for even companionship. Then she goes to the beach and "Kills" a handmade surf board. The surfer dude is very understanding, although he may be just been in shock. She feels terrible about her action and decides to do something nice for the stranger, like making him a handmade quilt.
Of course she has no idea how she's going to give it to him. Considering that she doesn't even know his name. Then she heads to her cousin's wedding and bumps into him again. He's been tasked with keeping her busy for the evening while his friend tries to make headway with her boss and friend who accompanied her to the wedding. Needless to say, things get a bit uncomfortable.
Spencer spent a lot of time and effort crafting the perfect wooden board to surf. He even named it Petie. And then this thoughtless blond just killed it. How was he supposed to surf now? He'd left behind a privileged life to get away from the suffocating stranglehold of his father. He was not quite over the betrayal of his ex girlfriend who supported his father rather than his own dreams. Women were simply not worth the effort it took to develop a relationship.
Tinder was good enough to meet any other needs. So when he runs into the weepy blond from the beach, he's wondering what kind of evening he's in for at the wedding. It ends up going better than he expected and even as he skips out the next morning he can't help but think maybe he's doing something wrong.

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