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Taking the plunge…

Lacy Caldwell’s mermaid gig at a cheesy roadside beach bar provided much-needed income while she pursues her graduate degree. That is until the beloved owner dies and her greedy nephew announces he’s cashing out by closing the bar and selling the property to a developer who’s going to replace the kitschy charm of the Mermaid’s Purse with ocean-view condos.

Cameron Sanders can’t believe his good luck. Struggling financially, he’s thrilled to find out some random, ancient aunt he hardly knew died and left him an inheritance that’ll help take the money monkey off his back. He’s ready to go to the mat in battle when some annoying mermaid from the bar tries to throw a wrench in his plans. But things get complicated when he realizes that she’s a woman he’s started to have feelings for.

Book Review

Lacy is a mermaid. Not a real one, just a pretend one at the Mermaid's Purse. This is a bar run by a crusty old spinster who loves Lacy like a daughter. Lacy's pretty attached to her as well. The staff is a quirky mix of old and young character and the place is like a second home to her. Since she's busy studying along with this part time work gig, she's got no time to socialize. That's okay with her, till she has to attend her best friend's engagement party and face up to her ex boyfriend.

She needs a date. She's seen Cameron around her gym and shared a couple of yoga classes with him. Bolstered by the good folks of the Mermaid's Purse, she decides to ask him as her plus one. Cameron has been eyeing Lacy from a distance. He's a struggling artist whose got no money to make the rent, so he can't hop on to the dating wagon with anyone. Still it's something he would love to, especially if he was dating Lacy.

Then the owner of the bar dies and leaves it to her distant nephew. Now Lacy's heard that the nephew is planning to sell the bar and she's worried about her job and the legacy of the bar going down with the bulldozers. She's all set to light one into the nephew, when she comes face to face with Cameron. The characters at the bar make it sound like such an interesting place. I enjoyed the situations that they go through, especially the yoga class downward dog was funny to imagine.

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