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After the death of her beloved guardian, Miss Felicity Fields is left adrift, her future uncertain. Grief-stricken, she launches a plan to use her knowledge of alchemy to build a Philosopher's Stone, and bring back to life the woman who was like a mother to her. The last thing this blunt bluestocking needs is the return of Nicholas Harding, the Duke of Wycliffe and rightful owner of her home on the wild coast of Cornwall. He stirs an unexpected passion within her, and Felicity has had enough change in her life.

When they were children, Nicholas never understood his aunt's brilliant but unemotional ward, or her many strange scientific studies. He ought to take her back to London, so she can make a proper society match--except he can't stop thinking about her. But with the line between life and death blurred by Felicity's macabre experiments, can he convince her that she's no longer alone, and her proper place is by his side?

Book Review

Nicholas has returned to Cornwall to take charge of his responsibilities as the Duke of Wycliffe. A task that he has avoided for years. Now that his aunt has died, he needs to arrange for Felicity, his aunt's ward to have a proper introduction to the ton. He wants to do his duty by her, however she wants nothing to do with high society.
Felicity has always felt that death was responsible for taking away everyone she loved. Her parents, then her uncle and aunt. She's always been brilliant and now she's dabbling in alchemy with the intention of creating the Philosopher's Stone so that she can bring back her aunt to life. Unfortunately even with her brilliance she's not found the solution.
Nicholas is more than shocked by her attempt at reversing death, but he can't help but still be attracted to her. He's always been protective about her, and now he finds the thought of introducing her to someone else and marrying her off disheartening. Then she begins a scientific experiment by kissing him, and he knows that he will never be able to let her go.
It's a story of two misfits who have been struggling with their place in society, who finally find peace together.

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