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Colorado Detective teams with the Brotherhood Protectors to help find his high school sweetheart’s missing sister. Maddie Finley and her sister live a quiet life in a Colorado town where they own a gift shop and go to school. Dating is the last thing on Maddie’s mind since she walked away from her first and only love. Her life is just the way she thinks she likes it until her sister is kidnapped. When she meets with the detective on the case, she’s surprised to come face to face with the only man who’d ever held her heart. 

Former Special Forces soldier, Derek Lewis, gave up Army life to raise his son as a single dad. He returned to his hometown, joined the police force and became a detective. Since he’d walked away from the only woman he’d ever loved, he never considered marrying, and now that he has a son, he puts all his energy into making a home for the boy. Until he’s called in to investigate the case of a missing woman, the sister of the girl he let get away. Together, Derek and Maddie work to find her sister and, in the process, they might have a shot at a second chance with love.

Book Review

If you enjoyed the Brotherhood Protector series, you will want to read this one. While it's not set in the main office at Montana, there are a few characters who come out to visit our hero in this book. The story is about Maddie, who come home from work to find her sister missing. Then she calls the police, and enter her old high school boyfriend Derek. Ex Military now Detective in the local police.

Since it was a novella, I think a lot of stuff had to be put into a limited page count, so it seemed sort of hurried. However I enjoyed the story line. Of course the whole sex trafficking thing was solved a bit too easily, for real life. It's not that easy to convict a powerful politician based on a single testimony. The rest of it was okay.
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