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Book Description

She's finished waiting. 

Cora Walker is tired of waiting for Justin Kensington to open his eyes 
and see that they could be great together. No worries. She's got a Man 
Plan, More specifically, a Get-Over-The-Man Plan. Or maybe she'll call 
it the Move-on Method. Whatever. It involves online dating and sorting 
through the losers to find her winner. He has to be out there 
somewhere, doesn't he? 

Justin Kensington knows he blew it with Cora, but what can he do 
about it? If he was anyone other than the man he is, he would be 
chasing her hard. He would make sure he got a ring on her finger 
before anyone else had a chance to steal her away.

But he's the son of a monster, and the brother of a man who kept his 
wife--now one of Justin's best friends--captive in a hell no person 
should have to live through. 

Cora deserves more than he can give her. But when things heat up and 
Cora uncovers the truth about a water poisoning scandal hitting the 
town and its workers hard, he'll end up battling for her life and her heart.

Treasure and Protect is book seven in the Heroes of Evers, TX Series, 
but it can be read as a stand alone book in any order.

Book Review

Justin feels guilty about not being around long enough to spot the abuse that his mother and sister in law have been going through in their marriages. He feels that he should have been able to help them and failed. So now he's put his heart and soul into the organization that they have set up to help other domestic abuse victims. The trouble is, he feels that he may be cut from the same cloth as his father and brother. This means he can't risk falling in love and having a relationship.

Cora is one of the kids the Walkers have fostered. She was left alone in a park, abandoned by her birth mother. Her scars are more emotional than physical. She's been more cautious in love than most expected. Then she fell hard for Justin, but how long is a girl supposed to hold a candle for a guy when he doesn't seem inclined to respond? When Cora decides to let her old feelings for Justin go and begin dating, it catches Justin by surprise.

Not to mention the jealously that surfaces. He's trying to be a good guy and let her experiment with her online dates, but he's just too protective of her. Can they find their way to each other before things get totally out of hand? That's what this story's about!

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