Make Me a Match: Baby, Baby\The Matchmaker Wore Skates\Suddenly Sophie

Book Description

Three bachelors turned…matchmakers? 

One special night with Cooper Hamilton gave Nora Perry a precious gift. But no way is the sweet-talking salesman the right guy for her…or is he? 

Former pro athlete Ty Porter could get burned when he falls for the beautiful reporter who ruined his career—and could now expose his most zealously guarded secret! 

Gideon Walker has a long history with free-spirited flower shop owner Sophie Jennings. But when the banker-matchmaker fixes her up with potential candidates, he realizes he's made a terrible mistake…

Book Review

This is a set of three novellas written by three different authors about a set of three friends in K-Bay Alaska and how each of them finds love. Coop is surprised when Nora tracks him down with a baby in tow and claims that it is his. While he is stunned, being the certified bachelor that he is, the little bundle of joy makes him want things that he has never thought about before. All the time he is trying to match up six couples in their hometown to get a job in the Lower 48 from their ex high school hockey coach.

Ty was the local hockey star who was supposed to have been the ticket out of town for the three friends, but a self inflicted accident caused the dream to crash. A crash which was recorded in excruciating details by former girlfriend Kelsey. Now she is back in town to cover their crazy match making business and he's pulling back hoping that she doesn't take away the last of his secrets to make her new headlines.

Gideon is just about ready to run out of town and being its staid banker is not making him feel any better. The matchmaking bet is about to give him a great chance to get out of K-Bay and he's bound to its success. However when Sophie asks to be matched up with someone, there is no way he feels that he can give her to someone else in town. How is he ever going to let her go to someone else when he realizes just how deeply his heart is involved.

Awesome set of stories. Really enjoyed the creative way the three authors have brought the town and characters alive. Well worth reading.

Make Me a Match: Baby, Baby\The Matchmaker Wore Skates\Suddenly Sophie
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