The Ghost Next Door (A Love Story) (Romantic Ghost Stories Book 1)

Book Description

When destiny takes a hand...
You've got to hold on tight.

When single mom Elizabeth Jennings gets sent to a new town to revamp its weekly paper, she resists. Her daughter Claire is just fifteen, and has recently started high school. But Elizabeth's boss insists, so the two pack up and move to the tiny Virginia town, which isn't even on most maps. Their luck goes from bad to worse when they discover the house Elizabeth rented online cozies up to an abandoned house. When creepy things start occurring next door, Elizabeth's glad to have the small-town sheriff in their corner. Nathan Thorpe is not just a stand-up guy they can trust, he's cool to have around when things go bump in the night. Elizabeth also learns he's good at holding her tight. And, when she's wrapped in his arms, she becomes afraid of more than ghostly happenings. She fears she's losing her heart.

Like most folks in Blayton, Nathan Thorpe is here for a reason. Only, he didn't fully understand what that reason was until a stunning brunette and her daughter came to town. Nathan's immediately drawn to Elizabeth and feels motivated to protect her and Claire, believing that means shielding them from nonsensical small-town lore. With Halloween approaching, there are rumors swirling about concerning the old Fenton place located across the street from the graveyard, and next to the newer home occupied by the Jennings. Nathan's a calm thinker who can find a rational explanation for almost anything. Yet there are deeper mysteries in Blayton than Nathan can explain. When he learns the truth, will he still be able to hold onto the woman he loves?

Book Review

Having read a number of other books by Ginny I was a little surprised at the paranormal element, but totally enjoyed it.

Elizabeth is a woman on a mission - make the little weekly newspaper come alive and make a good life for her teenaged daughter and herself in the new town. When things get a little spooky, Nathan, the town sheriff steps in to help.

While Nathan is happy to be the one to keep the town safe, he'd rather keep his heart safer in Elizabeth's hands. He wants them to like the town and stay. Not leave like his sister Bella and niece Melody, but there are secrets around that may just drive the mother daughter duo away.

Definitely worth a read.

The Ghost Next Door (A Love Story) (Romantic Ghost Stories Book 1)
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