Find Me a Home (Holiday Heartwarmers Book 3)

Book Description

Can a crabby puppy perform cupid's magic this Christmas season? 

Wheelchair bound, Amelia Lloyd is embarrassed when the neighbour calls the police to deal with her out-of-control brother. Her old dog tries to protect her but it takes the combined efforts of a handsome police Sergeant and a crabby puppy to put a stop to her sibling’s shenanigans. At first, she hates to be caught in such a situation. But then she accepts an important truth. The big-hearted man, her savior, wouldn’t have come into her life otherwise. 

Sergeant Harley Carlton is exhausted from dealing with a car accident where everyone is killed except for the darling cherub who decides she’s his daddy. How can a man with a heart as big as his, correct the precious little orphan? Within a few hours, he gets a call to save a blonde-haired beauty from her crazy brother. So how can a man fall in love twice in one night? 

Book Review

This is the third book in the series and tells us the tale of the last puppy left in the box. Unlike his adventurous sister and hungry brother, Grumpy is not interested in anyone but his mistress. He wants to go back home and when he manages to get out of the cardboard box, that's exactly where he heads. We finally meet Amelia and her step brother Jimmy who is responsible for abandoning the puppies.

Jimmy is at a difficult and cranky stage of his own life and is making things really difficult for his loving and caring elder sister. He's just about lost control of his anger and is about to hurt her or her old dog Belle when the cop bursts in through their front door.

Harley is the support that Amelia needs, and while he is already reeling from one tragedy at the hospital, he's more than happy to be helpful to Amelia. I love the way that things come together for the family after all the twists and turns in the story. The enthusiasm for the pup that the baby girl shows is so cute! All in all a really nice heart warming finish to the series!

Find Me a Home (Holiday Heartwarmers Book 3)
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