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Book Description

Master Engineer Kasha lives in hiding. As a Tanoa and a woman, she has no legal right to her title, and risks expulsion or even execution if the Guild discovers her identity. For over a year she has served as the City Engineer of the Andalano city of Wingmount, home to the Winged Riders and their pegasus mounts. 

Now, though, her people need her. The last of their Earth Shamen is trapped in the mountains, holding back a volcanic eruption so that the rest of her people can escape. Saving her is a job for only the greatest of all engineers, and that happens to be Kasha. 

But when her kinsman, Ahote, breaks the most sacred law of the Winged Riders, an alliance with him means certain death. Kasha must work alone to solve the most difficult engineering problem of all time before the summer months are done and winter comes to claim the life of the Shaman and the hope of her people.

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Book Review

Kasha is a woman, but she is also the City Engineer at Wingmount. The banker helps her maintain an illegal account, the magistrate grants her an engineer's sash, and the locals give her more work than she can handle. However at every moment she is aware that there are Riders who resent her, that there are people who will be happy to tear her to shreds if she slips up once.

In order to make herself invaluable to the Riders of Wingmount she is designing parachutes to help them fall to Earth from the winged and survive. In order to help her cousin Ahote, she is working on a flying kite that can lift the Earth Shaman, his grandmother safely off the volcano that she currently sits on and guards with her very life from errupting.

With everything going on, she must also make time to deal with other engineering issues around the city, teach the young Tanoa children, look after Jefe, and make her mother feel that she is needed in her life. Not to mention Ahote's consistent need to rescue tainted wings from the stables at Wingmount. Its a tall order, and a difficult life for a young girl. Makes for an interesting story to read.
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