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Book Description

For over a thousand years, the Tanoa have relied on their Earth Shamen to bring rich harvests, temper stone tools and weapons, and imbue pottery with strength like metal. Now, though, the bloodline has dwindled to one Shaman, Tuwa, who is trapped high in the mountains, holding bedrock together to prevent a volcanic eruption while the rest of her people flee to safety. The only way to save the village is for her to sacrifice herself and buy them the time they need to evacuate. 

But her grandson, Ahote, refuses to abandon her to die. Rather than do as she asks—marry and bear daughters who might inherit her gift—he sets out to find the one person who might be able to save Tuwa’s life. 

Kasha is a Tanoa girl in who lives in Wingmount, a city of the pale-skinned Andalanos. If the Engineers Guild ever discovers her gender or race, they could order her execution—for in violation of the King’s law, Master Engineer Seamus trained Kasha as his apprentice. She is a genius in all things mechanical and earned her master certification when only fourteen years old. Since Seamus’s death, she has been discreetly working his job as the City Engineer. 

She knows there is no machine or technology that can save Tuwa. In order to complete this task, Kasha must invent a vehicle unlike anything the world has ever seen, and risk exposure and death in the process.
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Book Review

The author has created a beautifully rich world similar to our own, but with a number of differences. The main story is interesting as we watch a young man struggle to find a way to help his power Earth Shaman grandmother's life. It runs parallel with the story of Kasha, a Tanoa girl who is incredibly skilled in the Engineer's trade despite not being Andalanian.

The journey for Ahote from the Red Cliffs to Wingmount is fraught with danger but it makes him stronger than before. His mother helps him when she can, but he learns that he must make the last of his journey alone. Making friends, and keeping a watch for possible enemies, it takes him quite a while to reach Kasha, but he is heartened to know that she is already aware of his problem and working on a solution to it.

Unfortunately when Ahote desires to save a tainted winged one he must leave Wingmount so as not to destroy Kasha's life as she knows it. Will they be able to find a way to help his grandmother together? It will be interesting to read the next book to find out.

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