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Book Description

This book uses the playful image of the Universe like a Cosmic Kitchen, just waiting to take and fulfil your orders by means of affirmations and visualizations. The eight principles for placing effective orders with the Cosmic Kitchen are applied to career, prosperity, relationships, health, travelling, and finding your perfect home. 

It explains how to use the Law of Attraction and why affirmations together with feelings are the most powerful combination for achieving your dreams. The final chapters cover: why the Kitchen sometimes gives you lemons (negative experiences) and what to do when that happens, plus how your affirmations and visualizations can help solve the challenges our planet faces today.

Dr. Crane is an author, international workshop leader and speaker, and enthusiastic advocate for the ideas in her book. Her own personal journey to reduce stress, increase balance, and discover the meaning of life led her to read numerous books, attend many workshops, and test the concept of how we create our reality. In the process she manifested a wonderful relationship, a beautiful home on 7 acres, a career she loves, and abundant prosperity.

She shares her journey in this book, and sincerely wants to help you create the life you want. Her background in mind-body-spirit studies is extensive. She has given hundreds of talks and workshops on meditation, inner child work, stress management, the mind-body connection, and using affirmations and visualizations to create what you want in life. Her message is one of personal empowerment in co-creation with Spirit.

Book Review

If you buy only one book this year, make it this one. I have long been a fan of Louise Hay and Doreen Virtue, but now I love the practical tips that Patricia Crane gave to make the Law of Attraction a part of your daily life. The affirmations in the book are so simple and yet so powerful. If you could just focus on a few your whole life will be transformed. 

Awesome read.

Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations
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