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Sang Sorenson used to be the invisible girl in class. As a new student to Ashley Waters High School, Sang hopes that her new friends will be the change she’s been craving and will make fitting in a breeze. 

But Academy students aren’t there to take it easy. The high school is overcrowded and rife with violence. When fights begin, Sang will uncover the true reason the boys traded in their private school life for a public one. 

This year, Sang will no longer be invisible. This year, Sang is a target. 

The principal and vice principal are hot to take Sang down, and her own mother is determined to entrap Sang forever in her belief that the safest place to be is in the shadows. Despite this, Nathan, Luke, Kota, North, Silas, Victor, and Gabriel will discover Sang’s unyielding loyalty. 

And they will sorely need it. The Academy, supremely influential. 

Book Review

Sang gets accepted into her new school and compares schedules with the boys. She shares Homeroom with Luke and North. Then AP English with Kota, Gabriel and Luke. AP Geometry with Nathan and North. Violin with Mr Blackbourne. AP World History with Victor and North. AP Biology with Silas. Japanese taught by Dr. Green and attended by Victor. Finally Gym with Gabriel and Nathan.

It may seem like overkill, but knowing the schedule will help keep a lot of things straight in the future books, I promise. Anyhow, the school has become a whole lot more fun now that Sang has the boys around. They try to protect her from McCoy, but when Sang ends up with detention, they all manage to get detention to go along with her.

Sang also manages to stop a barbaric practice called "Friday Fall" where one student gets chucked down two stories of stairs. She manages to prevent Kota from being thrown over and as Greg throws her down instead manages to garner the support of the school's football team when Rocky comes to her rescue.

The rowdiness of the overcrowded school explains just why the Academy students are there. It also gives a valid excuse for the boys to be extra protective of Sang. Although she is trying to pull her weight and care for them as much as they care for her. This is the book where Dr. Roberts reveals Sang's "Ghost Bird" status and Mr. Blackbourne decides to go for the closed adoption.

First Days: The Ghost Bird Series: #2 (The Academy Ghost Bird Series)
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