The Watchmaker: A Sweet Contemporary Time Travel Romance

Book Description

Marae O’Conaire has much bigger problems than the fact her watch stopped at 3:57 p.m. When she brings her watch to a kindly repairman, she learns she has won a peculiar prize, a chance to re-live a single hour of her life. But Fate has strict rules about how one can go poking in the past, including the warning that she can’t do anything that would create a time-paradox. Can Marae make peace with the mistake she regrets most in this world? 

The Watchmaker is a sweet, contemporary time-travel romance about second chances set in the historic mill city of Lowell, Massachusetts, complete with a walkable map of the downtown area canals. It explores themes of regret, second chances, interracial relationships, and the Nordic concept of fate being a participatory event. It is a complete, standalone novelette that is not connected to any series, though perhaps someday Urðr, Verðandi or Skuld will award an hour to someone else?

Book Review

One hour to change how things turned out. One hour in the past and how can Marae use this gift to make sure that her future turns out better than the one she is currently living in. Can you really change your own fate with the gift of a single hour? Marae sure hopes to try.

When the watch gifted to her by her dead fiancé stops she decides to get it repaired from the shop he bought it. Being his last connection to her, she would want to preserve it. Then the watchmaker gifts her with a magical hour in the past. She must now hurry to reach him one year ago and tell him just how much his love means to her. To try and keep him safe even as he goes into battle.

It is an absolutely brilliant tale and I love the way Anna spins her stories.

  The Watchmaker: A Sweet Contemporary Time Travel Romance
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