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When her husband Richard dies in a freak accident, Shelby Pomeroy is devastated. But his death reveals a horrible truth - Richard was a liar and a cheat. Now Shelby is left with the consequences - huge, terrifying debts and mounting proof that her late husband betrayed her in every conceivable way.
Heart-broken but unbowed, Shelby is determined to fix her problems - if only for the sake of her gorgeous little daughter Callie. Returning home to Tennessee and the family she thought she'd lost for ever, she discovers a new sense of strength and freedom. And hope, too, in the handsome form of carpenter Griffin Lott - a straight-dealing man who couldn't lie to her if he tried.
But not everyone is thrilled to see Shelby Pomeroy back in town. And when a shocking act of violence is traced back to Richard's shady business, it becomes clear that she is not safe from him, even in death. With her life in danger, Shelby must face the lies of the past - or lose everything.
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Book Review

Shelby Pomeroy was played by a con man who married her, gave her a baby and then died. After his death Shelby unveils the extent of his deception in a heartbreaking manner. She gathers her courage and starts dealing with the spreadsheet full of debt that she must now repay. She sells of belongings, lists their home for sale and returns to her home town and large loving family.

They expect her to be a rich widow with a baby daughter, but find her spirit broken. The emotionally abusive husband has stripped her of many things, but he was never able to strip away her family and friends. Her abandoned best friend is now standing by her helping her deal with it all, as is the rest of her family.

Shelby is making progress providing for her daughter Callie, mending fences with old friends and working hard to make a new life with a possible love interest as well. Then her husband's shady past catches up with her. She wants to keep Griffin away from the violence that seems to have found her but she has not counted on "persistence" being the word of the day for him.

Together they try and figure out how the accomplices of her con man husband can be caught. Of course they are both in for a surprise but I'll let Nora deliver that to you in her own style in the climax of the book.

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