The Wedding Promise (The Bridesmaids Series Book 1)

Book Description

They used to call her the Bon-Bon Heiress. As one of Bon-Bon Chocolates heiresses, Tiffany Bonander grew up in New York with a silver spoon, a heart of gold, and a lifelong supply of sweets. But now her life is falling apart. Recent changes in cocoa supply from Ecuador are threatening the quality of the family’s chocolate and sales are down. Add to that Tiff’s penchant for falling in love quickly and breaking engagements at the last minute…Now they call her the Bon-Voyage Bride. 

Jackson Hardaway is trekking through the Andes in Ecuador as a tribute to a fallen comrade. He didn't expect to meet a beautiful damsel in distress and her three fairy godmothers…er, trio of meddlesome nuns…on his journey. But everything in Ecuador is bigger – the trees, the snakes, the attraction. Is this love? Or just another case made to label Tiff a Runaway Bride? Find out in The Wedding Promise by Melinda Curtis.

Book Review

The last person Jackson expected to bump into during a storm in the jungle as he trekked through the Andes is a chocolate heiress pushing a wheelbarrow. Tiffany is trying to redeem herself in her own eyes by saving the floundering chocolate company that her father and brother seem to be bent on destroying for short term profits. She is convince that the cocoa beans from her grandfather's original plantation are that magical ingredient which will turn the Bon Bon industry around.

Staying with a group of Nuns the last thing she expects is to end up with a fake marriage in order to save Jackson's life. The troubled veteran draws her in, but she is too well versed with her own fickle heart. She knows she needs to maintain her distance or she'll only end up hurting him. She doesn't do commitment very well, but Jackson seems oblivious to her nay saying. He not only convinces her that falling for each other is a good thing, but he also proposes a long term engagement while he continues his trek. How are they eventually going to end up? Find out when you read the Bridesmaid series.

The Wedding Promise (The Bridesmaids Series Book 1)
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