Loving Gigi (The Andrades, Book 5)

Book Description

Gigi Bassano 
Young. Beautiful. Idealistic. Proud. Gigi was raised outside the Andrade clan, but it has left her with an ache she cannot deny. When she’s invited to her brothers’ weddings, she refuses at first, then changes her mind and attends without telling anyone. She won’t let herself love them, but she can’t stay away. It’s a recipe for disappointment and heartbreak. 
Especially when she throws herself at her brother’s best friend, Kane. 

Kane Sander 
Sexy, rich, loyal, protective. He shouldn't want her. But he will. 
He should stay away from her. But he won’t. 

Love doesn’t follow anyone’s rules. Deny it. Run from it. Love always finds a way. 

Book Review

When Gigi decides to attend her brothers' wedding incognito, she is forced with this feeling of loneliness. She is about to have a pity party on the beach at the sides of the party when Kane finds her. He's already a little smitten by the sexy Italian he saw earlier in charge of the party arrangements, but when he sees the sadness in her eyes, he is drawn by something more. Only trouble is, she's much too young. He walks away that night, but try as he will he can't forget her.

Years later when he discovers that Gigi is Gio's little sister he knows he should not go anywhere near her considering the Bro Code. Unfortunately the old attraction is still very much there, stronger than before. They go through their ups and downs and as is true of all good romance novels finally resolve their issues and get together. I loved the scene where Gio's wife locks her husband and Kane out of Gigi's apartment when both of them start a pissing match. It was so funny! All in all, fun read, good time pass, specially if you have been reading the full series.

Loving Gigi (The Andrades, Book 5)
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