Forgiveness and Permission: The Ghost Bird Series: #4 (The Academy Ghost Bird Series)

Book Description

Sang Sorenson's abusive mother is secure in a hospital, and her father has vanished to a new family of his own, leaving Sang and her sister to fend for themselves. Sang is hanging by a thread, and her only hope is a group of boys she feels she barely knows.

She's never really alone. The Academy team has stepped in, promising to protect and care for Sang. Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke and North take over, showing Sang they can be depended on for anything. But just because the parents are away, doesn't mean Sang's life has become any easier.

The newfound freedom will have a higher price than any of them had imagined.

Principal Hendricks now wants to use Sang to exploit Academy secrets. Mr. McCoy has his own dark plans for her. Enemies are closing in. Sang will need to learn to believe in the boys, and the boys will need to learn to trust her if they want to survive their rivals.

And each other.

Book Review

After having to be oh so careful not to let her parents know about her new friend circle, Sang now has carte blanche. She can do what she wants, when she wants and with whomever she wants. The boys are all still super protective of her, but want her to come out and play. To enjoy all the basic things that teenagers do when in high school. They want to give her a taste of "normal" life, but the Academy Boys have never truly been normal themselves.

All of them seem to be vying for her attention and more than one is showing a romantic interest in her. Leaving Sang utterly confused about where she stands in the group. She wants to be with them, but she feels she is not doing anything to help. Even as she gets more independent and stronger she is overwhelmed by the attention that she constantly receives from the boys. Are they ever going to make the plan work? Now that's the million dollar question.

I'm still not sure why I'm reading this series again, but the fantasy is a good one. What's not to like for a girl to be wooed by nine dreamy boys all perfect in their own way. Of course the eventual question is who is she going to settle with, and does she really have to settle?

Forgiveness and Permission: The Ghost Bird Series: #4 (The Academy Ghost Bird Series)
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