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This new heart-warming contemporary romance takes place in the Florida Keys and promises romance/passion, family values, and plenty of adventure. Cardiac surgeon Sean Flannigan lost his daughter to a rare form of leukaemia; he can mend broken hearts, but his is beyond repair. Kayla Holmes, along with her sisters, inherited guest cottages in the Keys after their stepfather died. Their high spirits and positive energy are a beacon of light that directs Sean's sail boat into Paradise Cove. Can Kayla's compassion find a crack in Sean's armour? Sometimes love isn’t enough to heal a wounded heart.

Book Review

Kayla and Sean's story is a great start to a new series by Patrice Wilton. Three sisters decide to help their mother run the guest cottages their step father bequeathed them just before his death. They all move from their respective lives ad come to Paradise Cove. The resort has a good location, but is badly in need of restoration and the sisters have decided that they are going to get the needful done. This book has the story of how the eldest, Kayla, finds her prince charming.

Dr Sean Flannigan has decided that he has nothing more to live for when he is unable to save his daughter from leukaemia. His wife in her grief blames him for not being able to cure her and they get a divorce. Sean isn’t operating at full throttle in the operation theatre and decides to take a break. This means sailing on his boat and out of his old life, maybe even to end his life.

What Sean hasn’t counted on is meeting Kayla. Her compassion may just be what he needed to get over his own depression. Beautiful beginning to another romantic series by Patrice Wilton. I received this book as a gift from the author for an honest opinion. It’s a lovely romantic read with a lot of very real life situations that crop up in the girls family. 

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