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Promise and Protect (Heroes of Evers, Texas Book 2)

Book Description

It’s been years since Katelyn Bowden last set foot in Evers, Texas. Sent away at age four by her father, the town sheriff, after her mother was murdered, Katelyn thrived under the loving care of her aunt in Austin. Now that her father is dying, it’s time for her to finally come home and face the past. But that means having to deal with the new sheriff, the handsome ex-New York City detective, John Davies. 
When John realizes his mentor’s daughter may be hiding the key to a decades-old mystery, he fears her repressed memories could make her the target of a killer who’s still at large. He also finds it more and more difficult to resist his powerful attraction to the beautiful, talented artist. And as shocking revelations about local murders, past and present, slowly come to light, the threats against Katelyn’s life become all-too real—and John knows only he can protect the woman he loves from the peril that surrounds them both

Book Review

Katelyn is finally coming home. Her father may have kept her away from Evers since the brutal death of her mother, but now he's on his sick bed and she needs to be with him. The angst of the little girl who was sent away by the father she loved so soon after the death of her own mother is beautifully articulated in the book.

John has been more than a co-worker for Katelyn's father. He has been his only family in town. John looks up to his mentor and knows how much it would mean to him to be able to solve the mystery of his wife's murder before he died. So when he realized that Katelyn may have actually seen something the night of the murder, he wants to push her into remembering.

Only trouble is Katelyn wants nothing to do with him. She's always been jealous of how close he was to her father and despite acknowledging that he was indeed a good looking and decent man, there was no way she was going to fall for his charms. John finds himself getting much closer to his mentor's daughter than he thinks is permissible and both of them are fighting an attraction they don't want to feel. 

Then the killer from the past steps in and decides to do away with Katelyn!

Promise and Protect (Heroes of Evers, Texas Book 2)
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