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Widowed teacher, Cindy Harris, takes her son to meet Santa at the mall, but instead of jolly Saint Nick, they get grumpy Brad Williams. He’d stepped into the red suit to help out his brother, not promise the impossible, like deliver a daddy by Christmas. Brad is the new real estate agent Cindy hired to sell her family home, and sparks fly between them. Will the magic of Christmas open their hearts, and offer the best gift of all: love? 

Book Review

I read this book as a part of the Ten Christmas Brides Boxed set, I had already written my review for that after reading the first four books. Its a great collection. Then I read this book, and it literally forced me to write a review! Brad and Cindy's romance was so sweet and so true to life. The grieving widow, who is making small decisions to cope with a big life change. The Santa in the mall filling in for his brother. The chance encounter in the mall followed by the second encounter at home. The story developed so beautifully. I totally loved it. The spirit of the festival season combined with the need for little Ty to have a father all come together so well. I really enjoyed reading this book.

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